Write to us if you are interested in any of the below :
Franchisee/ Business Associate Opportunity
Training (for TM Faculty)
Training (for  TM consultant)
Our 3 days Leadership programme called (T- Leadership)
Our 3 days Corporate Training for Sales people called "Transformational Selling"
Our Programmes for faculty called "Faculty Development Programme". Faculty has to undergo through specially designed 6 days program, and scrutiny before taking-up a session. It is a 7 year programme. 1st year it is yellow belt, 2nd year it is green belt, 3rd year it is called Black belt and then degree 1, 2, 3 and 4. that is the highest level. Normally we choose MBA with HR and Marketing background with a passion for teaching and training and we groom them.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: A 6 weeks programme is being launched from 11th December. The participants are trained and equipped to run a successful enterprise.




Batch I


Day I

3 pm to 7 PM

Introduction, Goal Setting, Basics of Entrepreneurship, Core competency, Integrity and Commitment








Day II

3 pm to 7 pm

Review, Business Plan questionaire








Day III to V

Boot Camp I

Transformational Management I

12 to 14th Feb'16







Day VI

3 PM to 7 PM

Web site preparation, Product/ Service launching, Registration, Bank Account Opening









3 PM to 7 PM

Sales and Marketing, supply Chain Management, Accounting, HR, Finance,









3 PM to 7 PM

Operation, Business Plan submission








Day IX, X, XI

Boot Camp II

Transformational Management II

18 to 20th Mar'16








3 PM to 7 PM

Project Report submission









3 PM to 7 PM

Certificate and Grade



Duration: 6 weeks
Fee: 1.2 lakh
Scholarship : Available (20% to 50%) for needy and deserving.
For that 2 essays is to be written and to be submitted at [email protected]
Topic 1: Can India be a Developed country by 2018, if yes, How? if no, Why?
Topic 2: why do you think, you deserve the scholarship?