Course Content


Business Development Consultancy:

We also provide consultancy bu preparing the Transformational Business Plan and support them and hand hold the SMEs to implement them for a year. This includes training to the key people. The course content is given below for the Training. The fee for 1st year is calculated by adding current turnover and desired turnover in 3 years divided by 200.

Practical Transformational Management Training:

This training helps in managing Life as well as Business by imparting holistic development at the Body, mind and soul level.

The Course content will be dynamic and will involve more of present and future scenario. However, as a guideline, following topics will be considered as priority. After workshop of 6 days 3 days each in 2 parts), the participants takes up one project and he/ she implements the distiction on that project.  As the participants produces results in the project, the confidence comes in and they sustain their result producing capacity for ever.

Part 1: (3 days)

1A  : Transformed Enterprising Life Skills

  • Listening skill
  • Context vs content
  • Facts vs Story
  • Complaints and its impact
  • Life being right now
  • altering world
  • Fear and beyond
  • winning formula
  • Past, Present and Future
  • The power of Language
  • Living Life of Choice
  • being Extraordinary
  • sharing new Possibilities
  • Breakdown as welcome sign
  • Living Transformed Life.
  • 10 commandments of Entrepreneurship
  • Dimensions of Entrepreneurship

Part 1 B (Selling and Enrolling skills)

  • 7 Transformation to make impossible work possible.
  • Self management
  • People management
  • Public Speaking
  • Enrolling one and all.
  • Decoming God of Sales.
  • Transformational selling
Part 2 (3 days)
2A (Business Development Skills)
  • 7 Laws of being rich and Prosperous
  • Value Creation
  • Transformational Marketing
  • Finance
  • Value Delivery
  • organisational Development Model (Malcolm Bridge)
2B ((Project Management Skills) 
  • Transformed Life (Real Life MBA of Jack Welch)
  • Phases of project Management. (Define, Plan, Execute, Close)
  • Templates of Project Management 
  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily monitoring sheet
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental issues

The combined course is covered in 2 Parts in 3 days each. The participants can review the course or can assist in the course to keep taking advantage of the course. The upcoming dates are as below.

Jan'17: 20th to 22nd (part I A and B)

Aug'16: 5th to 7th Aug (Part II A and B)

similarly, normally every 3rd weekend of the month, the workshop is conducted.