This is probably the first time in the world that an academic curriculum is designed in which transformation is combined with Business Management subjects. Therefore, the methodology is little different than the conventional. For example, it is 6 days’ workshop followed by facility to Review or volunteer in 3 workshops. This unique method of learning is expected to transform the way education is imparted in our country.

We focus on following four skills.

1) Transformed Life skills: somehow in our conventional education system, it is not yet given due importance. That leaves people with many serious lacuna especially about Integrity, empowering attitude and commitment. We tend to see life from the glass of past. If we start seeing it coming from future, the whole world becomes little better and worth living. Because future is clean and we can create anything in life as we want it. 

2) Selling/ Enrollment Skills: Every human beings are Sales person whether we acknowledge it or not. Our success is directly proportionate to our ability to enroll self and others. But again in our education system this part is not given due importance. Our endeavour is to develop this skill in the participants.

3) Business Development Skills: Our employability is directly proportional to our ability to support businessman in developing their business or if we are enterpreneur, then to develop our own business. In the absence of this ability, the business suffers and the economy doesnot get transformed. If we want our economy to grow at 10% or so, we must work on this capacity building.

4) Project management Skills: we can consider our personal as well as professional life are made up of small small projects. If we know how to manage projects, we can achieve success at all front. again it is a very important skill somehow ignored in our conventional education.

Eligibility: Any person above 18 years is eligible. However, we give priority to Graduates and Engineers in admission.

 Our intent is to make Transformational school of Business (TSB) a "Mecca" for Business Management in the world.

In due course of time we should be enrolling Govt. to give recognition and grant University status to our institute). We should be educating about 1 Lakh people by 2020 in this kind of learning making India the superpower in this kind of education.

Following academic institutes are our recommended associates and inspiration.

  • Landmark Education, USA (
  • Institute of Metaphysics, Pune
  • GS Ventures, Mumbai 
  • Dr. P.N. Singh centre for HRD, Mumbai
  • ISM Alumni Associations.

We are committed to create and empower following associations

  • All India Graduates Association
  • Transformational  Trainers Association
We have plan to launch a project called "Job for all". Initially it is open to less no. of people but in due course we will increase the capacity of intake. currently we are providing the job to those who have done MBA and T- MBA with min. salary of 25000 p.m. after selection.
Job Partner Companies 
In Pipeline
  • Reliance Industries
  • ONGC
  • Abhitek Engineering Ltd.
  • KLA India Public Ltd.
and many more...

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